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S.I.S. Machinery Services, Inc. has a long-standing commitment to promoting and preserving the safety and health of all its employees. Keeping our working conditions safe and healthy is a key factor to our success. Assuring safe working conditions and taking all appropriate steps to reduce accidents is desirable from a moral standpoint as well as a financial one. In fact, these principals have been incorporated into legislation by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) which requires that employers provide a place in which employees may work safely, and charges the employee to work in a safe manner.

Not only do our employee's adhere to our policies and procedures but S.I.S. will incorporate and implement additional parameters you, as a client, uphold. We feel communication and enforcement play an intricate part in maintaining and achieving our goal of zero work related accidents.

Using a common sense approach to risk management, we are able to spot potential problems before they happen. As a company, we have taken every step possible to minimize work-related injuries. Working closely with our insurance carriers not only allows us to draw from their educational resources but it also allows us to tap into their industry and training standards. Should the need arise, you can rest assured we have procured the proper liability insurance and workers compensation to maintain our operations